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White Walls

Six years ago today I walked through the hospital doors. I sat in a very small room no windows, stark white walls. There was nothing


Wedding Dresses

It is OK to dream and have hope. This morning I was on a recovery meeting and this was the affirmation for discussion. I remember


Band Aids & Antibiotics

Daily I am faced with the reality of my humanness. Living is not easy! I am constantly uncomfortable in my skin. Depending on the day,

Book Reviews

Don’t Blame the Mud

Don’t Blame the Mud: Only Jesus Makes Us Clean Dan, the kids and I recently sat around the dinner table and read “Don’t Blame the


Courage, Control & Truth

I recently started working more closely with a trusted practitioner. I asked her to help me in a coaching capacity to help with a multitude


Courage is…….

I used to think Courage was the absence of fear. After a while I realized how truly insane that idea was. Everyone feels fear because