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A Top Mistake Many Parents Make

Yesterday I had a discussion with my kids in the car. It’s amazing the ground we cover (yes, pun intended) while driving. It was a


Food Confession

It is extremely humbling as a 41 year old woman, Health & Life Coach along with my past education and involvement in “recovery” groups to


Screw Resolutions Part 1

I haven’t made New Year’s resolutions in ages. Along time ago I realized that it was a complete set-up for me. A set up for


Who Am I Actually Writing to?

Recently I was listening to a message by Pastor I love. He is so humble and so real. To me that is the perfect combination.



“In acting out, I was screaming when I could not voice my pain.” Big Red Book of Adult Children of Alcoholics p. 503 I have


Divided and Standing?

I am jittery, excited, afraid, energetic and exhausted all at the same time. I want to do everything and I want to do nothing. It’s